If you apply Web application for the first time,
click "My Page registration".

If you have completed "My Page registration", click "Login".

Web application usage procedure

  • Step1Preparation and confirmation of entrance examination system

    If you are first time user, please be sure to check the following before starting the application procedure.
    Please check the application guidelines or the university website for the details of the selection.

  • Step2My Page registration

    If you are new to apply Web application, please register My Page from the "My Page registration" button.

  • Step3Web application

    Please access the registered My Page from the "Login" button.
    Then please enter the necessary information from the "Carry out the application procedure" button.

    * Face photo data (file type (jpeg, jpg, png, bmp), up to 10MB) is required for application.
    The photo will be used for identification and as the student ID photo after enrollment.
    Please prepare color photo data of the front face, upper body, no hat, and no background taken within 3 months before application.

  • Step4Payment

    Please pay at a convenience store, at financial institution ATM [Pay-easy], by internet banking, or by credit card.
    Web application is available 24 hours a day. However, please be sure to check the application guideline for the period of application registration and payment of the examination fee.
    Regardless of the payment method, a handling fee is required in addition to the examination fee.

    * After the examination fee has been paid, you will not be able to correct your application contents. Please check your application contents before paying the examination fee. If there are any errors, please register again from Step 3.
    If the examination fee has not paid by the payment deadline, the application registration is invalid.

  • Step5Printing required documents

    Please log in to the registered My Page and print out the "Application Form", etc.
    * Three items, an Application Form, an Photograph Card and an Address Sheet, will be printed.

    * A color printer that can print on A4 plain paper is required to output the application form, etc. (PDF).
    Please prepare with printing paper (plain paper, PPC paper, OA common paper, copy paper, etc.).

  • Step6Mailing required documents

    Please send the printed "Application Form" and other required documents by "Simple registered express mail" by the deadline ( mail package must arrive by the application deadline).

    * Required documents vary depending on the entrance examinations. Please check the application guidelines.
    * To send the application documents, please paste the "Address Sheet" (which will be also printed out when you print out the application form, etc.) on an envelope (240 mm x 332 mm).

  • For an applicant whose application has been accepted, we will send you a guide to print the Examinee's Registration Card (step7) to the e-mail registered address after the application deadline.

  • Step7Printing the Examinee's Registration Card

    When the Examinee's Registration Card becomes downloadable, you will be notified by email to the address registered at the time of application.
    If you do not receive the email by the deadline stated in the application guidelines, please log in to My Page, print out the Examinee's Registration Card, and bring it with you on the day of the exam. * We do not send by post.