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Procedures for the Online Application

  • Step 1Advance Preparation

      Please read the following information carefully and check your Internet environment, etc. before beginning the application process.

    *Required online interview technical conditions
    (For smartphones)

    Android OS: Download Cisco Webex Meetings from Google Play
    iOS: Download Cisco Webex Meetings from App Store

    (For PCs)

    Download Cisco Webex Meetings from the URL below(
    Windows PC (Camera and microphone are required.)
    Mac (Camera and microphone are required.)
    Connection tests are available for smartphones and PCs at the URL below (

    (Network Environment)

    A range of several Mbps is required.
    Using university networks or residential optical lines are preferable. Mobile networks may be used. Make sure to confirm contract details (data limits) as more than 1GB may be used depending on interview length.

    <Important: For Foreign nationals (except for those holding Permanent Resident or Special Permanent Resident status in Japan)>
      * If you are Japanese, please proceed to Step 2.

      Pre-application procedure has been changed from 2021.
      Those who finished pre-application procedure and received a receipt (email) with a valid expiration date also need to obtain "Notice of scheduled laboratory assignment".
      Please check the website link below for the details.

      Foreign nationals (except for those holding Permanent Resident or Special Permanent Resident status in Japan) must complete the Pre-application procedure for the NAIST Entrance Examination. If you are applying for the master program, you must complete it at least two months before the start date of the application period. If you are applying for the doctoral program, you must complete it at least one month before the start date of the application period.
      Please note that if you do not complete this procedure, your application will not be accepted.
      Please make sure to read the following and complete the procedure.

  • Step 2Check the Admission Information and Application Guide

      Please make sure to read the following and check Admission Information and Application Guide for the examination for which you want to apply.

      Please note that you need to prepare an ID photo (to be uploaded) and the original certificates (to be submitted by post) along with the application documents.

  • Step 3My Page Registration

      If you are applying online for the first time, please click the My Page registration button to register your My Page.

  • Step 4Online Application Registration

      Click the Login button to access your registered My Page.
      After accessing My Page, click the Carry out the Application Procedure button and fill in the required information

      For online application registration, in addition to filling in the required information, you also need to upload application documents listed in the Application Guide.
      [Upload format]
      ID photo - jpeg,jpg,png,bmp
      documents - PDF
      *Only the research proposal can be uploaded in Word format, but please check the following manuals and upload in PDF format as much as possible.
    >Click here for the PDF conversion manual.

  • Step 5Payment of Examination Fee

      Please make payment at a convenience store, by credit card(including UnionPay card), via internet banking, or using ATMs [Pay-easy].
      Regardless of the payment method, a service fee will be charged in addition to the examination fee. Any fee borned the payment must be covered by the applicants.

      *If you find some error needed to be corrected, please do not pay the examination fee and redo the registration process from Step 4.
        If the entrance examination fee is not paid by the due date, the application registration will be invalidated.

  • Step 6Print Out Required Application Documents

      Please login to your registered My Page and print out the Verification Form, etc.

      *In order to print out the Verification Form (PDF), a color or monochrome printer that can print on plain A4 paper is required.
        Please prepare the printer with printing paper (plain paper, PPC paper, OA common paper, copy paper, etc.).

  • Step 7Sending Certificates By Post

      After completing online application registration, please send the printed Verification Form together with other required documents (certificates, etc.) by registered express mail by the deadline.

      *Please send the application documents on a large-size envelope (33cm*24cm) with the Address Label which is issued with Verification Form.
      *Please be sure to check the documents to be sent by post and the deadline in the Application Guide.

  •   After confirming the submitted application, an e-mail about downloading the Examination Voucher (Step 8) will be sent to the e-mail address registered on the Online Application System.

  • Step 8Download the Examination Voucher

      When online application registration is completed, application documents sent by post are confirmed by the deadline, and the application is accepted, the Examination Voucher will be uploaded about 10 days before the examination. Once uploaded, please download the Examination Voucher.
      Applicants can check their application status online on their My Page.