Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology / Online Application
If you are applying for the first time, make sure to understand the university examination system. For details of the examination, please see the application guidance or the admission information site.

Admission classification list

* Graduate School (Master's Course and Doctoral Course)

* General Admission
* Admission for International Students
* Special Admission for Full-time Employees
* Admission for only those who plan to proceed to the Doctoral Course after completing the Master's Course at the TUMSAT

In the second round of application for the 2024 academic year,The Course of Safety Management in Food Supply Chain will not be accepting applications for the General Admission and the Admission for International Student .

Online Application Procedures

  • Step1 Confirm the Examination System

    Please be sure to check the application guidelines before starting the application process.
    Documents required for application may take some time to be issued and prepared.
    Start preparing as early as possible.

  • Step2 My Page Registration

    If this is your first time to apply online, please click the "Register My Page" button to register your My Page.

  • Step3 Online Application

    Access the online application page. Enter necessary information such as examination type, department and personal information. Also, please upload the photo of your face to be registered and the necessary application documents.

  • Step4 Payment of examination fee

    Please pay at a convenience store or by credit card.
    (The payment method is selected during the online application process.)

    * If you notice any errors in your registration before paying the examination fee, please re-register without paying the examination fee.

  • Step5 Print necessary documents

    Log onto the "Confirm Application/Print Application Documents"page and print necessary documents.

  • Step6 Mail the application documents

    Mail to the university the application form you have printed along with other required documents. Always send your documents by express and registered mail to ensure they arrive before the closing date. Applicants for graduate school can also bring them.

    * There is no need to print or mail documents for graduate admission for applicants who completed the Master's Course at TUMSAT.

  • After application

  • Step7 Print your admission ticket

    When your admission ticket is available, print out your admission ticket and bring it with you on the examination day. A notification email will be sent to you when printing of your admission ticket becomes available.

Click here if you are a first-time internet applicant

Click here if you have already completed My Page registration

This page is for graduate school applications